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Electricity – We offer accurate, reliable, and comprehensive forecasting solutions for the electric power industry.

Wholesale Market Solutions – Immediately accessible and highly accurate forecasting solutions for wholesale energy markets worldwide.

Natural Gas – We provide robust natural gas demand forecasting solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

Custom Solutions – Over more than twenty years, we’ve built our reputation by understanding and meeting our clients’ needs.  Let us customize a solution for you.


The TESLA group of companies craft energy industry forecasting solutions wherever the energy industry has forecasting problems. You can select your region of interest below to tailor your experience of this site.


Accurate, reliable, and comprehensive.

We provide a host of tools to enable you to craft the most comprehensive understanding of your future energy needs. The unique TESLA Model produces the most accurate forecasts in the industry, and our staff of analysts and engineers ensure the reliable delivery of those forecasts where and when you need them.


A TESLA Solution to Every Problem.

We provide businesses quality and accuracy. By leveraging our unique and historically tested TESLA Model combined with highly trained and highly vigilant analysts, we can build solutions to most energy industry forecasting problems. We help businesses minimize their risks and realize higher value results.